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"Every time we set up in a house, we knock holes in the walls in order to effectively engage targets, in turn letting the enemy know where our position is. With the Swatscope, we can simply take over a house and look over the wall and scan for enemy movement without compromising our position".

Sgt. Hernandez, U.S. Army Sniper Team Leader

Surveillance           Zoom in -       Over Walls / Yards  / Parking Lots                Around Corners              Into Windows          Clear Dark Areas with our Night Vision Adapter                 Stake Outs  -  view over Bushes  Parked Cars   Fences                     While remaining Undetected!!

Tactical Surveillance Periscope built for

 the Military and Law Enforcement


  • Periscope
  • 3M CamoClad Desert Covering
  • PVS-14 Night Vision Adapter
  • Aluminum Tripod Handle
  • Soft Sling Case
  • Flashlight attachment
  • Belt Hook
  • Hard Shipping Case



" Night Vision Scopes on our rifle allows accuracy at short distances. With Night Vision Scopes and the Night Vision Adapters on our Spotting scopes I can spot enemies up to 700 meters enabling my gunner to engage effectively and allows me to spot for him and other friendly units.


PVS-14 Adapter



The SWATSCOPE® zoom lens has a magnification range of  4X to 9X and height advantage of 22 1/2 inches.


The SWATSCOPE® will keep you concealed and undetected.



Optical Adapters

PVS-14  with Night Vision Adapter

(SNVA 4440)



“The SWATScope provides a perfect tool to overcome issues with walls and limited cover and concealment on roof tops and other structures used by Coalition Forces for observation in urban combat (windows, jersey barriers etc.) Currently, the Coalition Forces ability to conduct observations from rooftop positions is greatly limited due to exposure to sniper fire and harassing small arms fire. However, in many occasions the best way for leaders to develop situational awareness while in contact is from an elevated position."

Sgt. Hernandez, U.S. Army Sniper Team Leader

- Colonel U.S. Army,

Task Force 1-9, Iraq



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The SWATSCOPE® is the most economical and versatile Sniper / Surveillance device on the market today! The light weight handheld periscope has a variable 4X to 9X Power Zoom,  with the included Flashlight / Camera or IR Laser attachment allows the user a surveillance instrument that can also be used in the dark to clear buildings, provide an image back to a command center or paint a target with a Infrared laser (up to 1 inch diameter) while remaining out of harms way.


The extendable slide bar provides 22 1/2 inches of Height Advantage and the zoom lens has a magnification range of 4X to 9X. The US Patented SWATSCOPE® can be carried hands free with a belt hook and is shipped and stored, ready to use, in an aluminum protective case.  The  SWATSCOPE® is made of a high quality aluminum alloy, highly polished glass prisms and glass lenses.  The eyepiece rubber cup can be folded back for use with glasses.

PVS14 with Universal DuoLoc Adapter on a Spotting Scope

 is made of a high quality aluminum alloy, highly polished glass prisms and glass lenses. US Patents.

The handheld periscope allows viewing of subjects above and around corners while staying out of harms way. Up to 22 1/2 inches of height advantage.


Aluminum protective case

Soft Sling case

                     Surveillance, while remaining undetected, has never been so easy!

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